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5 Reasons You Should Be Signing Up for Pole Dancing Classes as a New Year’s Resolution

If you haven’t already created your list for things to change in 2019, you are running out of time. Today is the last and final day of 2018 and what a year this has been! So many things buzzing around us from the latest fashions, to the controversial presidency and scandals of the White House, to the major women empowerment movements, and latest technology gadgets but one thing will remain the same – basic needs of life each and every year. Some of the top items returning to the list year after year resemble those needs, such as financial increase and health and wellness.

Primarily these seem to be the biggest struggle for many of us as we fight to maintain a healthy work life balance. Health and Wellness, which we will call Fitness goes hand in hand with financial increase. The more health you have the more energy and clarity of mind you will possess. Being physically fit supports your mental aptitude to think creatively and approach life’s challenges with a healthy set of thoughts. Deep down inside many people understand this concept to be true, which is why some form of fitness goal is always making the resolution list.

So where does Pole Dancing connect with physical fitness and financial increase, and why should we be signing up to take a pole dance class?

Let’s examine 5 Reasons why Pole Dancing should be on your resolution list this year below!

Number One: Pole dancing is the ultimate workout for the body and overall physical fitness. Every small and large muscle group is targeted which allows lean muscle to be built resulting in a lot of other key joint health benefits.

Number Two: Pole dancing is a social exercise program. Another major New Year’s resolution for many is to increase their social circle, or replace bad apple friendships. Pole Dancing Classes encourage unity and oneness as it is by default a social gathering. Many pole class participants work together to learn difficult tricks and dance routines and find friendships as they conquer goals together. Group fitness is arising as social fitness and is becoming increasingly popular among fitness class goers.

Number Three: Pole dancing classes create strong wills. Achieving success in a pole dancing class is certainly mind over matter type of effort. When seeing the aerial arts and vertical gravity defying tricks it can be very intimidating mentally. Pole Dancing lessons challenge your mindset to go from, “I can’t” to “I can and I will”. Pole Dance students must first see themselves in the trick or spin before actually getting into it. Becoming so close to achieving success on a new fitness level pushes a lot of pole class participants to gradually but steadily develop strong wills to succeed and try something new.

Number Four: Pole Dancing classes relieve stress. Pole Dancing is by majority an adult dance class. Most adults face daily stressors that can affect their health, happiness, and relationships. Pole Dancing has become an oasis for many pole participants because dance allows them to explore their creative side. Pole dancing can become almost kid-like and liberate the stress of being an adult. Music is therapy and dance is rejuvenation. Stress can be laid aside each class and replaced with positive pheromones that lead to your happy place.

Number Five: Pole Dancing Gives Confidence To Defy Standards. Pole Dancing at first can be very intimidating. The fear of “What if I fall”, “What if I don’t get a trick like everyone else”, “What if I look Foolish”, “I don’t know how to dance”, or “Am I too heavy to pole dance” plaque many would be pole dancing students. However, for the brave – and only the brave who try their first pole dancing class they discover you don’t come in with confidence necessarily, but you will certainly leave with it. The mental connection that you tackled something deemed so difficult and intimidating will provide a confidence boost like never before. Confidence will then lead to more adventurous behavior and open mindedness. It is amazing the leaps and bounds people can make in their lives when they believe in who they are. Pole Dancing can provide that.

So in a nutshell... for your 2019 goals Pole Dancing for fitness should certainly make the list! It isn’t just a fun thing to do, but a journey on a road to leading an active, fit and healthy lifestyle. Pole Dancing is an excellent source for health and wellness in so many aspects of life. You will find friendships, encouragement, and tucked away sensuality, rebuild muscles, and increase in courage. In 2019, make Pole Dancing your choice for exercise and be sure to share all of these amazing benefits with others who could use this information for their New Year’s Plans!

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