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To be the best at what you do, no matter if it is motherhood, being a corporate professional, college student, wife, or she-preneaur you must realize the importance and strong correlation of time management and success. Power BAR Women's Fitness has complied 5 TOP TIPS to help you on your journey to having a successful week, year, and life. Enjoy these tips!



“The most successful people spend 10 to 15 minutes each day after work thinking about the next day. “ Failing to plan is planning to fail. It also makes you more susceptible to being bombarded by life’s “emergencies” and feeling swooped away by nothingness which takes you further and further away from productivity. Have you ever gotten to the end of a day, week, or even worse MONTH and felt like you accomplished very little? It’s often because we didn’t strategize what was the most important making that key in our day to day lives. Planning ahead allows you to have clarity on what’s most important, identifying the corresponding things that roll into your life begging for your attention so that you can accept or reject it as an item to add on your to-do list. Make sure that you set aside some time every day to plan.


Successful people watch very little amounts of television. It has been said that if you know what the popular TV shows are today you may not be working hard enough on your goals. Does this mean you cannot take time out of your schedule to watch television? No! But how many times have you plead guilty to binge watching and zoning out after a hard and difficult day into a televised make believe reality? Or even worse – spent time early in the mornings digesting the negative news tube and allowing that to set the tone of your day? Television is like sweets – it should be ingested sparingly. Replace the time that you would ordinarily watch someone else’s successful life for time to create a Success Plan you can call your own.


Make time for creative fitness. Functional Fitness is one of the greatest ways to ensure you keep your metabolism up and energy levels high. Functional fitness is where ordinary tasks become a physical activity. Parking the furthest away from the malls front door, using the stairs instead of the elevator, jogging to the mailbox instead of stopping in your car on the way home allow you to get small incremental bursts of physical activity in and elevate your blood levels which increases your metabolism. They key to fitness is keeping your body active.


Some multi-tasking can be detrimental, taking your brain in two different directions and allowing you to be off focus and unproductive, however there are some instances where multi-tasking can thrust you into more success. Effective multi-tasking are things such as listening to educational, business, or self -improvement books while driving to work, school, or the kid’s practice. Doing squats while brushing your teeth, calling loved ones while you fold the laundry, or reading a book while you get your pedicure done. Try to see what two items you can pair that work in harmony with one another providing you a bonus in productivity and set out to accomplish them.


Be time sensitive. Most people show little or no attention to the most valuable thing in life and that is time. Ask your closest friends and family what their relationship boundaries are and they could probably tell you off the top of their head, but ask them what their time boundaries are and they may look at you like you just spoke to them in another language. How do you gauge where you will spend your time and do you track your time spending? We are always being preached to about tracking our financial spending, but what about our time spending. Time should be tracked first because it certainly correlates to the financial spending aspect. If you are managing your time you will be able to identity that mall trip that you can cut out of your schedule and replace it with a family or friend activity that will take you go to a park for walking instead.


Start this week off by implementing these 5 tips immediately and watch how productivity increases! If you want to be inspired by some truly powerful women – follow this link to see who they are and what they do! You May Find that you are closer than you think to the success you have been envisioning!

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