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Why is Confidence So Important for Women?

Confidence is incredibly important for all, but imperative for women as confidence sets the bar for how we will allow ourselves to be treated. Confidence allows us to see the great in ourselves and be okay with the things we are working on even when those things come under the scrutiny of others. Confidence is the barrier against being lost in mental confusion of who we are and the purpose we serve. You are not easily broken or led various paths in life. You can stand alone or in a crowd. Confidence becomes peace even in uncertainty and allows us to set a higher standard for ourselves. Recently in the news you may remember seeing a story of Cherica Adams, who was the girlfriend of Rae Carruth and was 8 months pregnant with his child at the time of her murder. She was senselessly murdered under his directives and their unborn child almost sentenced to death, however survived but not without lifelong trauma. Cherica Adams was murdered by this former NFL player simply because she refused his proposition for an abortion and stood up to his demands confidently, even if it meant mothering her unborn baby alone. Confidence takes complete courage and solitude of belief. She was not easily moved by his orders to abort their unborn child and was willing to courageously move forward in life. As unfortunate and sad as this domestic violence incident is, her morals were uncompromising and her son now lives on even in her absence.

Being a women’s only dance fitness studio we have our share of stories in which women have suffered at the hands of domestic violence issues. It takes confidence to stand against it, confidence to leave it, and even more confidence to report it. Cherica Adam’s confidence came at a very high price, but she wouldn’t back down even till the time of death in which on the 9-1-1 call Cherica can be heard telling the dispatcher who was responsible for this horrific act.

Domestic violence is a plague that clouds so many women’s beliefs, targets their insecurities, plays on their emotions, and manipulates their niceties. Confidence can be the defense against falling prey to relationship violence and the courage to leave it. This is why abusers try so viciously to keep the self-esteem of their victims low, cutting out anyone and everyone around them that will strength then their victim’s internal belief system. Confidence is the oxygen needed to survive delusional abuse. This is why the mission of Power BAR Women’s Fitness is to teach self-confidence and to empower women to love themselves first. Women operate in a whole other realm when they believe in themselves and do not need the validation of others, although they still appreciate it – they are not solely depending on it. It provides less opportunity for would be abusers to gain a foothold and begins to loosen the hold of anyone who is currently holding them hostage with self-crushing views.

If you are in a place where someone is not encouraging you to love yourself, but removing the power self-esteem provides you, we encourage you to seek a place of rebuilding and self-love. No amount of relationship comfort is worth the cost of self-hate. If you are in an abusive relationship – please seek help from your local women’s shelter. Provided here is a Dallas area local shelter – A Woman Called Moses in which you may find more information on topics like how to identity a healthy relationship and positive conflict resolutions.

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