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How to Get Good At Pole Dancing Fast

Dallas, Tx

Like any other workout most people crave results instantly. We want to see the results from our hard efforts at first sacrifice. There is some mental taunt that we have put out so much exertion and lost pounds of sweat and become beat down with muscle soreness that we should see something physically changing in our bodies’ right?

Unfortunately it is wrong. Like almost any natural function, seeing results from Pole Dancing takes time. Think about planting a vegetable. The hardest part is the digging and turning of the soil just so you can bury the seed deep down where any change for the first few weeks to months are going to go unnoticed. It isn’t until you have consistently watered and fed the area even without seeing change that growth begins to sprout up and true excitement can be celebrated. Even still, once you see the new growth sprout careful attention to the produce must still be adhered to so as not to kill off all the progress.

Good things take time and getting great at Pole Dancing is no different. The horrible myth about pole dance for fitness is that it is just dancing on a pole. Some may believe that if you can do a push up, are generally in shape, are great at dancing, have rhythm, been athletic, or just naturally strong Pole Dancing is easy. WRONG! Pole dancing progression is just as the planting of a seed and growing a vegetable where there is a lot of ground work that needs to be set in order for progress to be seen. Pole Dancing is unlike any other form of fitness as it is very technical and precise. The foundation of learning how to pole dance is learning body awareness. This is why you can see even the strongest of men try to climb a pole and fail miserably simply because they lack the concept of how to engage their muscles to climb.

Pole Dancing with correct form will require more than observing countless hours of Youtube pole dance videos and will demand guided instruction from an experience pole fitness coach. There are small hand movements in gripping a pole that if done incorrectly may result in the inability to perform a trick or in unfortunate injury to the body. Before one even begins their journey of pole dancing they must develop their bodies to handle the demand the dance pole requires. This means all aspects of strength training, cardio endurance, muscle endurance, and flexibility. This means circuit training and strengthening the underlying areas of the body to handle the demand of the sport.

The great part about this however is that anyone can learn how to pole dance if they follow the correct formula for success. This means as long as one doesn’t skimp on the physical development of their body then they will be able to successfully see results at getting good at pole dancing. As we cannot promise fast, we can promise better than good if the student puts in the appropriate amount of work. Being Good at Pole Dancing is not discriminate to age or body weight. Being good at pole dancing depends on pure effort and dedication to the proper development. As long as one follows the plan for physical fitness, safety, and trains consistently they will be in utter amazement at the levels of Pole Dancing their body can achieve. Just remember, do not ever skimp on the process and know that great things, even being a fluent pole dancer takes time.

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