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School Teacher Suspended for Pole Dancing! We DO NOT Agree.

School Teacher suspended for pole dancing

Suspended from Teaching because of Pole Dancing! Power BAR Women’s Fitness Speaks…

Hoke County Public Schools in North Carolina reportedly suspended Kandice Mason after one of her pole dancing videos on Facebook was discovered. Mason is a single mom who holds several degrees and is a middle school teacher full time and pole dancing instructor part time.

The school stated she was in violation of one of their policies for all teachers to act as role models and conduct themselves with positive public behavior. Pole Dancing has always been controversial due to its sexual nature, or what can be seen as sexual nature. Pole Dancing in the most recent years however has emerged as being more of a physical recreation for fitness, positive women community, and artistic expression. Thousands of corporate and professional women are engaging in pole dancing for fitness and friendship, and many more than you may ever know.

At Power BAR Women’s Fitness there are women in their early adult years who are college students, middle age executive career leaders, and those who are over 60 having already raised a family and leaving long successful careers behind, seeking something to stay fit and active. Fitness is not fitness as usual. PBWF believes that women should be allowed the opportunity to enjoy self-expression as a woman who is building confidence and certainty in her femininity. She should be allowed to do so freely without judgement and condemnation in a safe place where her career is not at risk of collapse or her positive social status.

Pole Dancing is up to the eye of the beholder. One may see pole dance as an art and other may see pole dance as a sex symbol. One may use pole dancing as a way to build every muscle in their body and another may use pole dancing as a way for income. The facts remain however that pole dancing is an incredible way to get in shape and in the right setting foster an incredible sisterhood. Pole Dancing is also by default a place where a women can groom her confidence to accepting her body and own sexuality. Through the scrutiny and ridicule Pole Dancing for fitness will forge on to being a proven way of fitness, confidence, and art to millions of women who are bold enough to graduate from public opinion and do something for themselves.

For more information on local pole dancing classes in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas visit us online at

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