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Trying Pole Fitness as a Beginner - Dallas Tx

Written By - Teresa S. 

As a 9 year participant of Pole Dancing it is amazing when I tell people that I take Pole Classes. The responses are always so entertaining! Almost immediately faces light up either in excitement as if they can see themselves poling mid conversation or depending on who I'm telling smirks as if they can see me pole dancing - lol. The industry of pole has evolved into more mainstream and fitness focused verses only being sexualized.  The sensual side still exists as it should because women need that feeling of beauty to thrive. 

No woman should be void of her feelings of attractiveness and that is what pole will ultimately provide. At first it can be a struggle to learn the moves, but in the right atmosphere your support is at hand and you will assurely get it. 

There is so many things to gain from participating in pole for fitness and all of the advantages shoe themselves in different stages. The first step is getting started and actually attending a class. Believe it or not that is truly the biggest hurdle- most women wait for a friend afraid to enter into a class alone. What they don't know is once inside the studio we are all friends and they will see their social circle increase dramatically! 

The best thing to do is get with like-minded people who are after the same goals. Fitness, self development, confidence,  control over your life, more energy, being adventurous....whatever it is those reasond will be found in our class. 

Power BAR Women's Fitness is encouraging you to start today with a change in your life. We know you will love it and even if you decide to take another route to staying in shape you will enjoy your time with us! 

Check out a special offer for Beginner Pole Classes in Dallas, Tx  here !

This is an Intro Offer and will not last.  Multiple locations will be added such as Arlington Tx, Fort Worth Tx, and Plano Tx. 

Email us for the link at or simply text us at 214-390-6885

We look forward to seeing you in Class!

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