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Dallas, Tx -Pole Dancing is Not Up for Debate!

Is Pole Dancing Really Fitness? There has been so much debate from fitness professionals as to whether or not Pole Dancing can be a viable fitness regimen. The question isn't is Pole Dancing Really Fitness, the question should be, Why wouldn't it be?

Physically lifting your own body weight, staying in constant motion while dancing, extending your muscles with extraordinary stretching techniques, and holding difficult poses to build muscle endurance are just a few physical components of a Pole Dance Workout. It isn't easy, but it works. It also may not be for everyone as certain physical conditions may be aggervated by the techniques like Carpal Tunnel. Pole Dancing is an absolute method to increasing overall physical fitness, to tone up your body, and to lose inches and body weight. Ladies who are seeking a new way to workout can be discouraged by all of the naysayers who believe only traditional exercises work. While they have stood the test of time, pole dancing is not a new gimmick. Haven't you heard the age old saying of "Wanting a Dancer's body?" Slim, trim, and flexible are just a few descriptions of what a pole student will experience when they try pole dancing. Be sure the next time you are in Dallas or Fort Worth, or if you are a local to the area that you come into Power BAR Women's Fitness for a class! We love to share pole fitness with other outgoing women seeking an expressive way to stay healthy, fit, & active. Raise Your BAR!

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