Dating with Power: Is Your Low Self Esteem attracting Bad Relationships?

Indecisive mental fog of how you see yourself can be critically blinding in the way you live your life. Critical in the sense of leaving you vulnerable for the worst of the worst to hunt you out as their prey and manipulate you into their selfish ambitions before you even realize you were fair game.

This happens all the time and unfortunately many people both men and women have countless stories of bad relationships, some worse than others and some unfortunately that no longer live to tell their story as their vulnerability lead to a tragic end. As with everything else in life there is a root cause, a foundational behavior that drives our actions and decisions, poor habits, and less than surroundings that mold us into what people see. Self Esteem is the activating force behind the decisions we make and why we make them. If we feel in control of our lives our Self Esteem is higher and we make decisions from a healthy clear headed place.

We think about how the decision will possibly alter our wellbeing, tear us down, or build us up. We give more thought and planning to who and what we are engaging in and are fully present in the moment of decision. We don’t feel threatened or needy and have an air of confidence that others can smell. You see our thoughts become actions that are displayed before the world even when we don’t realize it. When we have high self-esteem it is coupled with courage and a sense of fearlessness of the negative things in life. We set the tone for good relationships and fair treatment because we love ourselves and expect others to do the same.


What if you are on the other end of the spectrum and positive self-esteem has eluded into the dark remnants of dissatisfaction with how you look, talk, achievements you haven’t yet made, or expectations of others you can’t seem to meet. What if your shape is out of whack or your hair isn’t like what