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Is Pole Dancing the Antidote for Heart Break?

Power BAR Women's Fitness- Dallas, Texas Relationship problems? Everyone has them at some point and they can be debilitating. Often times we have to fight for the desire to be around positive situations simply because our hearts are so heavy, so working out could be the last thing on your mind. But... it should be the thing you run to. It has been scientifically proven exercise increases the endorphins that make us feel good. If you add that in with a positive and encouraging environment you heal that much faster. When ending a relationship, whether it was bad or good there can be a lot of self doubts. Things like what if I wouldn't have, or I should have, and these mental hauntings can wear away at your self confidence. Focusing on an exercise plan that allows you to see the good in yourself, the attractiveness, the beauty, the strength is the antedote for heart break recovery and we recommend Pole Dancing for fitness. A lot of people understand Pole Dancing really requires strength, but what most don't see is that it requires mental toughness and self belief. You tap into who you are like never before. A pole brings out vulnerabilities and then heals them with each progression. This is why Pole Dance is so fulfilling for so many women and also why so many people show up to a pole dance class after a low point in life. No judgment, just repair. Power BAR Women's Fitness wants you to embrace your hurts and healings and inspire others to do the same. Join us.

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