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Power BAR Women’s Fitness of Dallas and Fort Worth, Tx has found through our combined 20 years of instructor experience that most people underestimate pole dancing. Either they believe this form of dance is too difficult to ever master or that it is just grinding against the chrome bar. Both accusations are simply false. There is a strategic technique involved in learning how to pole dance. The pole dance student will utilize every component of their body to include mental confidence in an effort to progress in this fitness genre. Pole dancing can be sought after for different causes such as muscle strength and toning, self-expression, confidence, or women empowerment and community.

The outlets for what a student may learn in a pole dance class range from showcasing your skills in the privacy of your home to national and international pole competitions. We here at Power BAR Women’s Fitness love pole dancing because it is truly a fitness option without ceilings. The level of creativity is unmatched and the risks of boredom become diminished. You as a student have the power to decide if you want to use the pole for strictly fitness or for flirtatious play. Both facades are interchangeable at any moment and are often intertwined.

Pole Dancing classes can be intimidating, however with the right studio, ahem…your local Dallas based Pole Dance Studio – Power BAR Women’s Fitness  …scary doesn’t have to matter! We have multiple dance studio locations in the DFW and have convenient evening hours and Saturday morning schedules. Our studio also guarantees not only your safety, but your success! If you don’t get our Trick, you spin again on us! We are very confident in training the beginner pole dancer to grow their ability in performing tricks, increasing in strength, and gaining overall confidence of what they are capable of doing. Be sure to visit our website at to check out even more of what we have to offer, and sign up today!

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