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Dance Studio Fitness and how it can Change Your Life!

Dancing is the ultimate aerobic exercise that was created with one main goal and that is, of feeling good working out. Moving your feet, swaying your hips, pumping your arms, and feeling the bass is one of the surest ways to feel completely free as you listen to music that speaks to your soul. Realizing that this constant motion in a feel good state is actually adding years onto your life and value to your immune system is even more of a reason to keep moving.

Dance studios around the world embody their mission to bring people together in a social atmosphere where there is no judgement and they are connected through a speaker and fun energetic vibes. Dance studios are where no one squawks at you if you are moving off beat, have two left feet, or mispronounced a word in the latest hottest song. It’s about movement, fitness, fun, and connection. Sweating away your troubles to your favorite music increases endorphins in your brain signifying happiness, freedom, and appreciation. All of these emotions have an even greater effect on your quality of life.

The greatest thing about using dance as an actual exercise program is that there are countless dance studios near you that serve up various styles of dance. Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, and even the out of the box styles like Pole Dancing. Yup, you read right – Pole Dancing.

Pole Dancing is more than your average dance fitness class as it challenges the avid dance lover to channel their inner strength and desire for toughness. It is the perfect blend of strength and grace, Ballerina and Weight Lifter, Cross Fitter and Zumba addict, and any other strong to soft combination you can put together. Most women who choose to take up pole dancing for fitness have one main struggle they face – they have never had upper body strength, but they love to dance and they want to use Pole Dancing as a way to build the body of their dreams.

This is such a complex combination to the average mind as they never know quite where to start when seeking out Pole Dancing Classes and a lot of Dance Studios don’t know how to explain this phenomenon. There is only one secret to this and it is much more obvious than you may think and that is just start training. Pole dancing has a lot of technical reasoning behind each trick and it weighs heavier on the outcome than most will give credit for. Yes, a level of strength is needed to start, however pole fitness is like anything else, it takes time to develop the body through regular training and conditioning so that you can see results.

If you love to dance and have been checking out dance studios in your local area don’t pass up Pole Dancing Studios as they have so much to offer. Power BAR Women’s Fitness of Dallas and Fort Worth Texas have an acute focus on coaching their clients to excel as a Beginner student to a higher level advanced pole fitness client. We have seen all types of women from different backgrounds, ages, and fitness abilities excel in the dance studio and are on a mission to teach many more women that yes, lifting your own body weight up the pole is possible.

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