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The Wednesday Fitness Wind Down

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Awww, The middle of the week and the weekend is peering into our vision like light into a new born's eyes. Our inhibitions begin to unravel and our mind starts ticking up the relaxation ladder. The countdown begins for most to do...NOTHING.

This theory can possibly be proven by simply peering into your local gyms parking lot or having a gander at the empty treadmills that were overly occupied on Monday morning. Society has prepped us to get over the "hump-day", finish the race, make it to the weekend where you will be rewarded with Happy Hour $1 Drinks and greasy bar food as a prize for getting to the end of the week. Survival of the fittest? Certainly not in this case!

Actually... most people begin to abandon the Gym-ship beginning Wednesdays and things turn into a ghost town by Friday evening. This behavior is actually extremely counterproductive no matter how many miles you put on the morning Monday run or how much iron you pounded away the first two days of the week. To achieve success in fitness it must be consistent. Small to medium sized steps taken consistently day after day. Some days of course will be lighter than others, maybe a stretch day, giving your muscles time to recover and rest, but no days off. Don't believe the hype of "Reward yourself" and crash and burn all your healthy habits on a wild weekend rendezvous only to be disappointed and defeated again come Sunday night.

Keep your composure people! Stay focused, commit to the entire week, and plan your workouts like you plan your weekend party schedule. Marry yourself. Reflect on why fitness and healthy habits are important to you. How will your adherence of the regular gym visits help you along the way to live a longer, happier, and more fulfilled life? Who will you make proud of your accomplishments, ask people around you for their support and commitment on your fitness lifestyle change.

We are not telling you avoid the bars, but we are saying put your health first. With your health and wellness being out front in your priorities you will find that you are more conscious of the amount of unhealthy food and beverages you are willing to consume and your will power, mind, and body will all work together to create a better you. You are worth more than cheesy nacho dip and cold one. Now act like it!

Until next time our friends - stay powerful.

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