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Too Old to Pole Dance?

Pole dance and fitness is unfortunately a world filled with many stereotypes. Besides the obvious...hint - nightclubs, there is the illusion that once you hit a certain age you aren't permitted to pole. This is so far from the truth! If you are active in a regular fitness exercise program, then pole is just another avenue of fitness to try.

Pole dance fitness has too many benefits to count. There is the strengthening of the wrists, hands, and feet which helps to battle arthritis. There is light to moderate low impact cardio with continuous movement with motivational music. Then you certainly have flexibility to conquer as most moves will challenge and support hip joints and their range of motion. Finally you have overall, full body strength training for muscle and joint support.

If you want to consider pole dance and fitness benefits that go beyond physical exercise, let's examine the social and creative stimulus the world of pole has to offer. Classes are always filled with creativity and socializing which is a direct benefit to older and ageing adults. A far cry from Bingo and craft night in the senior citizens hall. The issue is often not the cut off age, but the stereotype. In a professional pole fitness studio you should never worry if age would result in being accepted as a student. The mind being young at heart is what matters most!

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