6 Reasons You Should Consider Pole Dancing for Your Next Workout

Pole dancing is a performing art generally associated with strip clubs and night clubs. While the art form is certainly sexy, it is also incredibly good for your body. Pole dancing for fitness might not occur to you at first, but there are plenty of health benefits to the dance, whether you expect them or not.

  1. You will become more flexible. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't a prerequisite to be limber and flexible before you get on the pole. Pole fitness targets nearly every muscle in your body, forcing you to actively engage them. When you do this more consistently, you will become less stiff and prone to sprains. With practice, your muscles will be able to stretch further and further.

  2. Pole fitness burns calories exceptionally fast. It's estimated that one can burn between 320 and 485 calories every hour when pole dancing, which is just as much as aerobics and calisthenics.

  3. Not only will you burn as many calories as you would doing aerobics, pole dancing for fitness is much more fun. While other forms of working out can seem like a chore, pole dancing can give you a chance to relax and stress less about hitting the gym or going for a run. Also, if you're looking for birthday or bachelorette party ideas, pole dancing lessons for you and your girlfriends could be a great bonding experience, and a chance to laugh while you tone up.

  4. Pole dancing for fitness can boost your mood. Pole dancing is inherently sexy. So when you do it, it's hard not to feel a little more confident. As you continue doing it, you will become more skilled on the pole, and build more muscle as well. This confidence can translate into your everyday life.

  5. You can kiss stress goodbye. When you're stressed out, adrenaline builds up in the body. If you've ever heard of runner's high, that applies to pole dancing as well. Once all of that adrenaline is released, you will feel much more relaxed.