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California Woman Continues Pole Dancing Classes Into Her Eighth Month of Pregnancy

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When it comes to prenatal exercise routines, many women will take up more traditional fitness classes like yoga or pilates, but one pregnant woman hero in California did something more unconventional. Zsuzsi Hussla started pole dancing for fitness long before she became pregnant, but she continued to listen to her body and pursue what she loved. Hussla continued fitness pole dancing classes up until she was eight months pregnant with her little baby Athena. “I think it made it easier to keep my energy levels good," said Hussla to the Sacramento Bee. "I wasn’t as tired during my pregnancy.” About 33.4% of women over age 20 struggle with hypertension, which becomes more common and problematic during pregnancy. Continuing to do aerobic exercises is important to keep the body working properly as the baby develops. This wasn't a problem for Hussla though. She's a dancer and had been experimenting with a number of different styles. Before beginning pole dancing lessons at her local dance studio, she was doing a lot of ballet. Both dance forms require a lot of strength in different areas of the body. While ballet is very leg-oriented, fitness pole dancing classes work every muscle of the body, especially the arms, core, and shoulders. In addition to keeping in shape throughout her pregnancy, Hussla feels like the pole dancing classes have been empowering to her. “It can make women feel sexy and empower them in that way,” she said. “It also makes them feel strong and confident. If you can nail some of the tricks, you can feel really great because they are hard.” But there are also pole dancing classes for every level dancer, from beginners to advanced performance dancers. The goal of pole dancing for fitness is to do it for yourself. People want to see results while still having fun and feeling sexy at the same time. You don't have to be super flexible or athletic to try it -- you just need a good attitude. The Power Bar Women's Fitness studio in Dallas caters to women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Personalized classes for intense training are available, as are group classes where you can feel free to test the waters before committing. Additionally, for a fit and fun group event, we offer bachelorette and birthday party packages where you and your friends can have a private session to learn and laugh. What do you have to lose? If Hussla can pole dance at eight months pregnant, so can you.

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