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The Truth about Pole Dance Shaming

Pole Dance and Fitness shaming

If you have been wanting to try out your local pole dance fitness studio, but were terrified of the opinions of your friends and family - you are not alone. A lot of women dread the thought of calling to find out more about pole dancing classes.

"What if I have the wrong number?" "What if the person on the other line assumes I am trying to become a stripper?" "What if someone I love finds out I attended a pole dance class?"...What if, what if, what if....

The truth is you have nothing to be ashamed of. Pole Dancing as a form of fitness has begun to be recognized all over the world. Major news sites such as the Huffington Post and CNN have even ran stories dedicated solely to Pole Dance Fitness classes. There have been commercials played showing pole tricks being done on street signs and fence posts. Pole Dance is everywhere! Men, women, and children are beginning to shed the taboo stereotype of pole dancing from being a stripper only activity to enhancing every day people's lives through strength training exercises and crash courses in confidence. Pole dance classes have so much fitness benefit attached to them that you will forget about what others may think or say once you have experienced a pole dance fitness class.

Use pole dance as a weight loss tool, a method of toning, a relationship enhancer, and a confidence booster. Kid's may also attend pole fitness classes just as they would a normal gymnastics class at certain pole dance studios. Don't miss the wave of what pole dancing for fitness has to offer because of an old fashioned stigma. If you have been waiting to call your local pole fitness studio, wait no further - creative expression and a challenging fitness opportunity awaits you!

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