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Become a "Pole-Preneur"

Sign Up for our 4 Week Pole Instructor Course

With Power BAR's professional Pole Fitness Instructor course you will receive instructor pole fitness training for a total of 6 hours of curriculum in studio. You will also have homework assignments each week that equate up to 6 additional hours of study time over the course of the series. 


This is a total of 12 hours of SKILL DEVELOPMENT for a fast and rapidly growing industry!!

If you love working out and showing others how to live a healthy life...


If you love to meet new people and build positive relationships...


If you want to earn income doing something that truly makes you happy and has impact in the lives of others...


Then learning how to teach Pole Fitness could be your opportunity!


We gladly train the following types of individuals:


  • Self-Motivated


  • Hard Working


  • Natural Leaders


  • Happy Learners


  • Positive Minded


  • Growth Oriented


If you possess the above qualities, you are well on your way to becoming a successful Pole Instructor!


Through our specialized, 4 Week Training you will learn all of the basic skills to lead a pole fitness class, pole safety, and classroom leadership. 


We will train even if you have ZERO POLE EXPERIENCE! 


How Long is the Training?


The Pole Instructor Training is 4 Weeks Long and 1.5 hours per session. Each Week is required that you be in attendance as the course is taught at an accelerated pace and a lot of information is given in each setting. 


Where is the Training?


The Pole Instructor Training is offered in person at our Downtown Dallas Location. The address is 3408 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. Week One is always a virtual training as the course covers THEORY. 


 How Much is the Pole Instructor Training?

The investment for the Pole Training is $499 and covers all 4 weeks of lessons and mentor-ship while you are enrolled. 


pole_ fitness_instructor_dallas.png

Helping women strengthen physically and mentally in a positive and motivational environment that you lead!


Just Imagine...


Helping someone who is at a low point in life rediscover their greatness. Imagine that because of your coaching, leadership, and dedication to improving the lives of others someone tells you how much you've impacted their life. 


Imagine actually being the change you want to see in the world.



​Pole Fitness Coach Opportunities upon ​graduating are as follows: Dance Party Representative, Daytime Pole Fitness Coach, Evening Pole Fitness Coach


By being a Pole Fitness Coach, you will be helping hundreds of women realize their power and potential to lead healthy and happy lives under the Power BAR Women's Fitness Brand. Join a team of not only talented individuals, but individuals who thrive on helping improve the lives of others as they improve themselves. 


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