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Are You Ready To Teach Pole?

If so, Join the Power BAR Pole Instructor Course TODAY so that you can begin your pole instructor journey NOW!

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What Teaching Pole Dance Fitness Offers You

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How Do I Know If I Am Ready to Teach Pole?

There are certain behaviors that a "soon to be pole instructor" will display. Below is a short list of the basic signs that may show YOU ARE READY to become a pole dance fitness instructor. 

If you answered YES to all of the questions, then you may be READY to take the next step.


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What You Will Learn

This Pole Instructor Course is JAMMED PACKED with Proven Methods, Strategy, & Mentorship!


Building the CONFIDENCE to Teach 

Understanding Your Unique Advantage 

Identifying YOUR Clients



Pole Instructor Curriculum/Classroom Prep

The PROVEN 6 Figure Progression Method

Client Retention Strategies "Keeping Them HOOKED"



How to Set Prices for Classes/Workshops

How to Advertise So That Your Classes SELL OUT

Finding Opportunities to Teach (Where/How)



Q&A with Coach Tee VIP ACCESS ONLY

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Provides You the Blueprint for Leading Successful Pole Classes as a NEW Instructor

Teaches You How to Plan Class Curriculums that Sell Out Classes and Retain Clients

Teaches You How to Brand Yourself and Attract More of Your Desired Clients

Teaches You How to Properly Price Your Offerings So You Can Grow Your Brand

Gives You the Proven Framework on Explaining Different Tricks to Clients So They Fall In Love with Your Pole Education

Gives You the Secrets on How to Avoid Common Pitfalls of New Instructors that cause them to fail


This Course Will Not Teach You How to Pole Dance. You Should Already Have Pole Experience at an intro to Intermediate Level.

This Course is not designed to Make You Better at Pole Dancing. No Pole Instructor Course will do that. Getting Better at Pole Tricks only comes from on the pole training over an extended period of time. 

This Course will not guarantee you a Job at Power BAR or any of its affiliates, but it will certainly help you to be highly considered as a Team Member if you follow the application process here or somewhere else. 

This Course Will Not Guarantee you Success because Success comes not in the knowing, but in the doing. If you are willing to execute the guidance and lessons in the course - You Will Have Success. 

Meet Your Trainer | Coach Tee




#1 Coach Tee is a 12 YEAR Pole Industry Veteran, whose Journey Started as a Student


#2 Coach Tee has trained hundreds of people, just like you to Become Certified Pole Instructors

#3 Coach Tee has built 7 Pole Dance Studios in multiple cities in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area

#4 Coach Tee Grew her Pole Business to a 6 Figure Income in the first 12 months of business

#5 Coach Tee is a self-taught MASTER Marketer whose pole content has gained CELEBRITY Attention

#6 Coach Tee has lead teams of up to 20 Pole Instructors at one-time throughout her studio tenure

#7 Coach Tee mentored and sold 3 of her Pole Studios to her Employees who started their own brands

#8 Coach Tee has directly influenced the launching of multiple pole brands in the DFW 

#9 Coach Tee Owns and Operates 6 Different Pole Brands & Can Teach You How to Increase Your Income

#10 Coach Tee is PASSIONATE about the Pole Business and Wants YOU to be Wildly Successful



Check out Studio #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7

Watch the Famous Unicorn Video Coach Tee Marketed That Went VIRAL

Check Out the Multiple Pole Brands Coach Tee Founded

Long Story Short - If You REALLY WANT SUCCESS as a Pole Instructor, Then YOU Need to Work with Coach Tee!

Dance Lessons for Adults - Fort Worth, Texas - Power BAR Women's Fitness and Pole Dancing Parties

Dance Lessons for Adults - Fort Worth, Texas - Power BAR Women's Fitness and Pole Dancing Parties

Are you searching for the perfect place to learn pole dancing for fitness? If you are tired of the average dance studio experience, just showing up, learning the moves, and going home - then you need to twirl into Power BAR Women's Fitness for a truly motivational fitness experience! Our Fort Worth Texas Pole Dancing studio is the most unique and professional of it's kind. We have a comfortable atmosphere with Power Coaches that are there to serve you not just in fitness lessons, but in overcoming self doubt and pole dance fears. We understand you walk into the studio to make a change, a life improvement, and to invest in self care. We are there to offer our full support and clear direction in how to obtain your goals. Our dance studio environment is friendly and safe to be you. We recommend you start with our beginner pole dancing class, "BAR Babes" which will step you through the process of what pole fitness can do for you and how you can actually lose weight, tone up, and feel confident. Our Class Schedule can be found on our website at To better help you get started on your pole workout journey we have included some Q&A most women have when considering starting pole dancing for fitness. Frequently asked questions about Pole Dancing: How much weight will the pole hold? The poles can hold up to a max weight of 320 pounds as they are professionally graded and professionally installed. How old do you have to be to take a pole dancing class? Power BAR Women's Fitness offers classes to youth in a private setting or you may be 16 and up with parental permission to take a pole class. See our website for more details Do I need to be able to do push ups, pull ups, and have upper body strength before I start class? NO! Your upper body strength will develop as you join the pole classes on a consistent basis. All classes that we use to condition you may not require the use of the dance pole, so the additional workouts will also build strength. What should I wear to a pole dance class? above the knee biker shorts, tank tops, or short sleeved shirts are highly recommended. High Heels are not required to be worn when taking pole class but a great addition to bring when you are ready to start! How long do you have to pole dance before you see results? Results are individualized. As with any other form of exercise what you do in the workout and after the workout both matter. Nutritional habits and caloric intake will play a part in weight loss goals and muscle toning. Also, how much time you invest in learning pole dancing will also influence how fast you are able to condition your body for the sport. Bottom line: If you want a lot of results quickly, then eat healthy and pole more! For all other answers to your questions we ask that you go visit Power BAR Women's Fitness Online and explore the opportunity Pole Dancing can provide to you. Also, if you are not in Fort Wort, but a local to Dallas then we have other Pole Studios you may attend! See our site for more studio locations. Lastly... WE THROW POLE PARTIES in DFW for all occasions! So if there is a Bachelorette Party need, Adult Birthday Celebration, or a Girls' Night Out our Dance Studios will host a private pole dancing party that is sure to impress all of your guests. See our Party Website for information on how to book -
Power BAR Women's Fitness- Arlington, Texas Pole Fitness and Dance Studio

Power BAR Women's Fitness- Arlington, Texas Pole Fitness and Dance Studio

Power BAR Women's Fitness Pole Dance Studios is located near Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. The studio seen here is the Arlington, Texas Pole Dance and Fitness studio - 3901 W. Arkansas Lane, Suite 114, Arlington, Texas 76016. Pole Dance Fitness is a new mainstream workout craze that many are desiring to be a part of. This total body workout is one of the best exercise programs you can participate in as it conditions your grip strength, muscle strength and muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, and posture. With all of these physical advantages to pole fitness there is a mental aspect that is neck and neck with this best workout program. Often students come to find pole fitness as a source for positive self affirmation and validation. Pole fitness allows each participant to assess their own mental level of strength and offers a challenge to the participant as they defy gravity odds through pole dance tricks and inverts. Mirrors in the pole dance class are essential as most students can practice their tricks and dance routines by engaging with themselves in the mirror to perfect their facial presence. This often takes the most work as surprisingly a lot of people are running low in the areas of "I CAN". With our studio there is a focus on both mental and physical aspects to create a better you. Come join Power BAR Women's Fitness for pole dancing classes and other sexy hip hop inspired dance genres. Women can feel confident and sexy in our classes. Located near Fort Worth and Downtown Dallas,Texas we are centrally located. Visit us on our website to learn more... Follow our Facebook Page and Instagram Feed!


START DATE: Monday October 3rd, 2022 (Meets Weekly For 3 Weeks - V.I.P. meets for a 4th week)

CLASS TIME: 7:00 pm CST - 8:30 pm CST (V.I.P. Access Opens 6:30 PM CST for Q&A with Coach Tee)

LOCATION: The Course is held ONLINE and hosted by Coach Tee LIVE

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For the 2022 Sign Ups each V.I.P attendee will receive a Pole Instructor Shirt

sponsored by The Polepreneur™. 

Polepreneur™ is the fast-growing platform built for ongoing learning for pole instructors interested in the business of pole.  Independent Pole Brands, Pole Studio Owners, Mobile and Virtual Pole Businesses all can be mentored from this platform to make better business decisions in marketing, operations, team building, and sales for their company

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FAQS About Certifying to Be a
Pole Dance Fitness Instructor

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Still Have Questions?

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