Are You Ready To Teach Pole?

Join the Power BAR Women's Fitness Pole Instructor Course TODAY for an impactful Tomorrow!

The PBWF Pole Instructor Course is a 6 Week Hybrid Experience. As an enrollee, for the first two weeks you will have access to the Virtual Theory LIVE sessions that will enlighten your perspective on your role as a soon to be Pole Instructor. The Theory sessions are taught by Teresa Saffold, Founder and CEO of multiple top performing Pole Fitness Brands, to include Power BAR Women's Fitness. You will take a deep dive into lessons surrounding personal/professional success, class and client success, overcoming pole instructor challenges, and much more.

The remaining four weeks will be taught as a hands on, private group session inside of our Dallas, TX Pole Dance Studio with our Certified Pole Fitness Instructor Trainer. You will learn the proper way to communicate trick terminology, preserve word economy, provide modifications, basic anatomy functions, and much more.


  • Meet every week for six weeks.

  • Each session is an in-depth 1.5-hour lesson.

  • Convenient evening/weekday sessions.

  • Sessions kept small for personalized learning.

  • Training Materials Provided weekly.

  • Course Certificate Awarded for successful pass/completion.

  • Ongoing Pole Business Building Education Options Available.

  • Enrollees receive a Polepreneur™ Swag Bag

Dallas Pole Instructor Course
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How Do I Know If I Am Ready?

Power BAR Women's Fitness has seen a lot of budding pole instructors BEFORE they knew that they were ready to teach. There are certain behaviors and interests that a soon to be pole instructor will display. We have made a short list of the basic signs that show you are ready to become a pole dance fitness instructor. 

If you answered YES to all of the questions, then you are READY to take the next step.

2022 Pole Instructor 
Course Schedule

The Start Date indicates the first session of a NEW six-week course.

Every Attendee MUST start on Week One. 

The first two weeks is Theory and will be hosted Virtually. The last four weeks is classroom led and takes place in the Dallas Pole Studio.

The Dallas Pole Studio is located at 3408 Main Street | Deep Ellum

To enroll in a course, you MUST have fully paid and completed registration forms NO LATER than 3 days before the first day of a new course. 

Missed sessions cannot be made up as the schedule is progressive and new material is taught every week. Please be sure you can commit to the time period you register for. 

All spots are first come first reserve and no spot is reserved without payment. (Courses are kept small to preserve the attentiveness our trainers provide to each enrollee). 

Registration in the course and completion of the course is not an agreement of future employment with Power BAR Women's Fitness or its affiliates. 

This course is run on a PASS/FAIL system and to successfully receive the certification you must meet minimum requirements. Our trainers do commit to ensuring no future pole instructor is left behind, but you have to show up and play full out! 

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Meet Your Trainers


(Featured Left ) Teresa Saffold | Coach Tee


Coach Tee has been in the Pole Industry for over 10 years in every aspect there is. From a curious student, to certifying as a pole instructor, studio manager, pole studio owner, pole fitness trainer, author, speaker, and pole product inventor. Her theory courses will come from over a decade of personal experience. You will be mentored, challenged, and taught in depth concepts that will help you be successful even as a brand-new pole instructor. Her passion is professional growth, development, and entrepreneurship.

(Featured Right) Mesode E.| Coach Mesode (meh-so-d)


Incredibly enthusiastic about the education of pole, Mesode gives special detail to form, execution, strength development, and overall know-how of being a well-rounded poler. Mesode’s Xpert certification enriches her knowledge in taking the most Novice of polers and turning them into high-performing pole fitness enthusiasts. Mesode has a love for structure, safety, and communication of pole industry components, and is passionate about passing that along to you so that you can become a successful pole coach in the very near future.

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For the 2022 Sign Ups each attendee will receive Pole Instructor Swag sponsored by Polepreneur™. 

Polepreneur™ is the fast-growing platform built for ongoing learning for pole instructors interested in the business of pole.  Independent Pole Brands, Pole Studio Owners, Mobile and Virtual Pole Businesses all can be mentored from this platform to make better business decisions in marketing, operations, team building, and sales for their company

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