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Welcome to the Only Program Based

Pole Dancing Studio in the DFW

Pole Dancing is a "bucket list" item for many, but some people really are looking for a way to incorporate a FUN, community driven, motivational exercise program into their lives. 

So Why Program Based VS Drop In Classes?

If you fall into the category of wanting to make pole dance fitness a main fitness option for your life, then there is a lot to learn. From grip, to strength training, to dancing in heels, flexibility, and of course POLE TRICKS.

It takes time, structure, safe teaching techniques, and solid EDUCATION.

With our BAR LEVEL PROGRAM, you will no longer feel lost about what class to take, how often to come to class, what level to start with.


Let our staff guide you safely through a pole progression that will leave you feeling confident, accomplished, and proud. 

Join Our Series

There are up to (2) series per BAR Level at each studio: Series (a) that starts on the first week of the month and Series (b) that starts on the third week of the month. The BAR Level Series is broken down into 3 sections (Novice which is beginner, Intermediate, and Pro which is advanced). Each participant begins in BAR Novice and graduates to go into the next level. New tricks are taught every month so content is always fresh. Participants may take multiple BAR Levels at one time as long as they have graduated the previous level. No one may join a BAR level beyond the third week of it's start date, but of you join on week 2, your sign up fee will be prorated. Makeup classes are offered upon the discretion of the studio and based on an individual basis. No refunds on any purchases. By signing up for the BAR Level series(s) you are committing to the 4 week series and attending on the date, time, and location you sign up for so you can obtain maximum results.


Dallas Pole Dance DFW, Dallas Texas

The BAR Level Program is a mind-body connection approach to improving overall health and wellness through a fun and exciting exercise program! This safe and effective 4 Week program will give clients access to four 1.5 Hour Weekly Training Sessions, Unlimited access to the Virtual Library, and a weekly pass to our signature drop in pole class - BAR Babes.


 These safe and highly effective guided classes will promote a healthy and active lifestyle while giving each client an outlined goal to achieve over the 4 Weeks.


Classes take place after work hours when people are most stressed and can use some relaxation time to reconnect with their happiness.Classes are held in a small community styled environment where clients get to intimately know those around them and naturally develop accountability partners who help them attain their emotional, social, and body goals.


Results Orientated People who desire to:

  • Lose Weight

  • Burn Fat

  • Get Strong

  • Strengthen Muscles

  • Firm Problem Areas

  • Look Great

  • Revive the Passion for Exercise

  • Relieve Stress

  • Improve Adherence to a Physical Fitness Program

  • Rejuvenate Your Love Life

  • Restore Flexibility

  • Boost your Energy Levels

  • Save Money on a Personal Trainer with Small Group Fitness

  • Feel Younger

  • Feel Sexy

  • Commit to Living an Active and Healthy Lifestyle


       If you can identify with 3 or more of the desires above then chances are you are a perfect client for the 4 Week BAR Level Progressive Pole Fitness Program.


Power BAR Women’s Fitness highly recommends that you try an initial class conveniently offered at one of our DFW Pole Dance Studio Locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area to learn more on how you can change your life with Pole Fitness.

If you have already tried a class or two and are ready to take your personal self-improvement commitment to the next level then we are ready to help you get there one class at a time though our commitment to our clients in service, quality, and results. JOIN Power BAR Women’s Fitness in Raising the BAR in Fitness!

Pole Dancing for Fitness and Weight Loss

REAL Pole Dance Fitness: Testimonials

"My friend and I were discussing a new activity that we could do together after our semester ended in December of 2017. I knew that I wanted to try something new, something that preferably contained a space with good energy to meet new people and to get a work-out. I was at my heaviest weight that I had ever been. I had just finished my first semester of college and was emotionally and physically craving a new experience. When my dear friend, Scarlet and I were talking about things to do, Pole Dancing was an idea that I didn’t think I would go through with. With all the fitness classes we conversed over, my mind immediately went to, “You’re too heavy for that.” “You wouldn’t be able to lift yourself.” “You’ll probably make a fool of yourself there” These thoughts were the main reason why I had gained so much weight in the first place. Mixed with bad habits and emotional turmoil for how I looked, took a toll on the way I held myself day to day. Still, I decided to look up all the activity ideas that we had bounced around because “why not?” I told myself. “It can’t hurt to do some research.” The first thing I searched was Pole Dancing. 

 Looking back now, I realize that pole would’ve been inevitable for me to join. The moment I saw videos of all different types of girls killing it on the pole, I knew that I had to at least try it. I fell in love with the environment and the empowerment that pole gave these women- who looked BADASS. 
              I looked up studios in Dallas that night. After finding PowerBarFitness, I watched the introductory video. Fear and excitement filled me because despite all the voices telling me I couldn’t do it, I knew that I had to explore the feeling that these women made me feel, just by observing them through a screen. I called Scarlet that night to ask when and if she wanted to take this on with me. After a couple of days of waiting for her to decide, I knew that if I waited on anyone or anything, I would be waiting forever. I had to do it for myself. The thought of going alone scared me. 

 Signing up for a class and making my way down to PowerBar is something that I am most proud of myself for. While my first day of getting on the pole was remarkable, while doing my very first trick was a magical feeling, and while graduating level one was absolutely exhilarating, I am so proud of myself for facing all my fears and just getting to the studio to begin in the first place. This was the hardest part of my pole journey and I did it by myself.


  The challenges I faced during pole through the first month were equally as frustrating and addicting. The craziest feeling that I ever felt was when I could not lift myself on the pole until one day I just…did. It was shocking to suddenly feel my muscles cooperate with how I had been training them to lift myself like I did. Finally climbing the pole, doing that one trick that took me forever to get, or just feeling stronger and stronger each time I went was so intense! When I knew I could do it, when I started seeing results (very quickly may I add, just one month!)  Pole became something else for me. It affected my everyday life differently. Suddenly I found myself wanting to get stronger faster, this made me start working out outside of the studio, learn about nutrition, and mental health. But pole did even more than that. 

What pole dancing has done for me mentally and physically created such a shift in my life that I am truly a different person. The community of the women, the self-discipline, the acceptance that my body is a BEAST that can do ANYTHING, the awareness that I am truly beautiful inside and out, and that I experienced what it means to believe in myself has changed my perspective on everything. At first, my success was happening subconsciously. I didn’t notice how much my mindset had changed until I realized that one day the “you can’t do that, Hannah” voice completely stopped. I didn’t realize how much weight I was dropping until friends that hadn’t seen me in weeks were shocked when I saw them again. I started going for everything, not just physical things- anything that I wanted to do I decided to just try it. I learned a valuable lesson that new things only feel uncomfortable for a short amount of time. I became vegan, I started wearing all the clothes I had always wanted to wear, I ran my first mile, I put myself out there and met so many new people, I now go out into the world completely natural, I dropped over 50 lbs, and most importantly I learned to love myself. I could go into so much detail to describe exactly what pole started for me, perhaps pages upon pages. My pole journey has been something that I am incredibly grateful for because I fell in love with the process, not the ending result. Unlike the beginning, it is no longer about losing weight, no longer about me craving something new. It is a part of my day-to-day life, whether that be how I walk, talk, or present myself to this magnificent world. Pole dancing truly is freedom."