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Important Policy: No Refunds or Transfers of purchases. Cancellation subject to a cancellation fee and terms.

Drop in classes EXCLUDE access to the Bar level series classes. The BAR Babes class is our drop in class option. You must have a registration for all classes, we do not accept walk ins. We do not accept cash in studios. No Refunds on any purchases for any reason. No shows or late cancels will forfeit your paid classes. You must read class descriptions to ensure there are no prerequisites. All classes, including the BAR Level Series are first come first serve.

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Our Single Purchase Classes are also known as our "BAR Babes" Drop In Pole Class 

Participants are provided the opportunity to try our dance studio, meet our Pole Fitness Coaches, and experience a single workout or take several classes

BEST FOR PEOPLE WHO: Want more Pole Conditioning, More creativity, and More Cardio. Also ideal for new pole dancers and those who are new to the studio.  It allows you to SAMPLE the studio to determine if you want to visit more often. It is also great for people who travel and want to maintain their fitness on the go by dropping into a fitness class in the Dallas or Fort Worth area.

BE ADVISED: This purchase option will not provide you with ongoing progress, and is not the best value if you are seeking to learn pole tricks, lose weight, reach a fitness goal, or have a pole dance party (**IN AN EFFORT TO MAINTAIN THE TRUE FITNESS FOCUS, ABSOLUTELY NO GROUPS OF 4 or MORE PERMITTED IN DROP IN CLASSES - MUST BOOK PRIVATE PARTY/CLASS. YOUR GROUP WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED)

 View our class schedule to check dates, times, and availability here

*Check for prerequisites and co-ed policies prior to registering for the class.


The 4 Week BAR Level Program is a mind-body connection approach to improving overall health and wellness through a fun and exciting exercise program! This safe and effective BAR Level 4 week program will give clients access to our 1.5 hour weekly class, One weekly Floor n Core session, and a BAR babes pass each and every week. You will also have access to the online pole and dance class library!

These safe and highly effective guided classes will promote a healthy and active lifestyle while giving each client an outlined goal to achieve over four weeks.


Classes take place after work hours when people are most stressed and can use some relaxation time to reconnect with their happiness. Power BAR Women’s Fitness also offers classes on Saturday mornings to jump start the weekend and give clients a boost of energy to tackle their weekend to do list.


Classes are held in a small community styled environment, although we practice social distancing - our community is far from distant. Where clients get to intimately know those around them and naturally develop accountability partners who help them attain their emotional, social, and body goals.


Results Orientated People who desire to:

  • Lose Weight

  • Burn Fat

  • Get Strong

  • Strengthen Muscles

  • Firm Problem Areas

  • Look Great

  • Revive the Passion for Exercise

  • Relieve Stress

  • Improve Adherence to a Physical Fitness Program

  • Rejuvenate Your Love Life

  • Restore Flexibility

  • Boost your Energy Levels

  • Save Money on a Personal Trainer with Small Group Fitness

  • Feel Younger

  • Feel Sexy

  • Commit to Living an Active and Healthy Lifestyle


       If you can identify with 3 or more of the desires above then chances are you are a perfect client for the 4 Week BAR Level Fitness Program. Power BAR Women’s Fitness highly recommends that you try an initial class conveniently offered at one of our four Pole Dance Studio Locations in the Dallas and Arlington Area to learn more on how you can change your life with Pole Fitness.

If you have already tried a class or two and are ready to take your personal self-improvement commitment to the next level then we are ready to help you get there one class at a time though our commitment to our clients in service, quality, and results. JOIN Power BAR Women’s Fitness in Raising the BAR in Fitness!

If you have a specific goal in mind and want to train strategically for that in a private setting, we can help. Let us map out the perfect programming for whatever you are seeking to learn from pole fitness or our dance classes. We will customize any personal lesson with goals specific to your individual needs. We offer one on one session for 75 minutes. 

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