“Dirty in the Deep”

Lyrically Spun

Experience true grown and sexy as you sit back and observe the deepest, darkest, dirtiest collaboration of Pole meets Poetry. Let your ears ring with sexy vibrational sounds as your eyes melt with hot seductive pole dancing vision. Clutch your pearls for a night of unmatched heat from DFW’s best poet selection and Power BAR Women’s Fitness fire pole dancers as they bring you another round of Lyrically Spun.


Dirty in the Deep will have your senses on edge all night. The sites – the sounds, all while you enjoy five-star food choices and adult beverages for purchase from top vendors of  DFW Pop Up Shop right in the heart of Deep Ellum.  Be prepared to take your set for THE Show of the YEAR!

No one will leave this show the same!

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Show Brought To You By...

Meet Your Hostess, E.D. Freeman

Meet E.D.Free, the chic from New Orleans with the raspy voice and infectious laugh. I created Kale Salad Podcast to foster healthier dialogue between black women and men about sex and relationships.

These unfiltered candid conversations help to normalize talking out loud about sex, increase our self awareness, and self confidence. Besides, admitting and giving in to your need for pleasure is a birth right.

Kale Salad will go on your list of guilty pleasures. This is raunchy fun goodness you didn't know you needed. It's healthy for you, and a healthy lifestyle includes the sex. Remember E.D. taught you that. 

Don't MISS This SHOW!!