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What to Expect in Beginner Pole Fitness Classes


If you're new to pole dancing, you are probably a little apprehensive about getting started. We know it can be a little uncomfortable, so we wanted to share some things to expect in beginner pole fitness classes.

Some Warming Up

Pole dancing requires a lot of muscle engagement, but nobody expects you to be totally toned from the start. Instead, beginner classes focus on warming those muscles up and building some strength so you can move to the next level.

A Little Bit of Awkwardness

Pole dancing can build confidence, but you can expect to feel a little awkward in the beginning. Everyone does, and it's completely normal.

A Lot of Skin

This is not a fitness class where you can cover up. Pole dancing requires skin contact with the pole so that you can grip it. So, yes, you will be seeing and showing more skin than you are probably used to.

A Whole Lot of Fun

All awkward feelings and feelings of trepidation from showing skin quickly melts away. Pole dancing is great fun, and it's hard to care about other things when you are enjoying yourself that much.

Contact us today to sign up for your beginner pole fitness class and experience the fun for yourself!

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