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Home of the Pole Waist Trainer Workout Shorts! - Shrink Your Waist While You Work the Pole!
Lack of Dry Hands Got You Slipping?

Defeat Your Sweaty Pole Hands (and body pits) with the liquid drying chalk - BABE GRIP!

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About the BAR Babes Pole Shop | Dallas, TX

3406 Main Street Dallas, Texas 75226

Pole Dance Fitness is a world of its own. For each Pole Dancer this artistic sport brings something uniquely special into their lives. It may be a workout, a place to build or rebuild confidence, it may be a place to find like-minded people, but whatever it is Pole Dancing is a worthy investment.   At BARBABESPOLE.COM we strive to be the place where every pole dancer can count on to get their Pole Essentials from.

Items like pole dancing grip, safety mats, pole journals, pole friendly grip leggings, dance poles, and our specially branded Pole Dance Waist Trainer Suit are all made available to you with a click of a button. 


Shop in the privacy of your own home and have your delight in exploring your Pole Journey tools that the BAR Babes Pole Shop has to offer.  We also offer local pick up for large items like Dance Poles for your home and Pole Crash Mats if you are in the Dallas (DFW) area. We offer affordable prices and nationwide shipping. 

We also support our Pole Dance Studio Community with wholesale accounts so you can directly meet the needs of your clients. If you are interested in wholesale info, please email us a 

To the Pole Dance and Fitness Community - whatever your goal is in this journey know that the BAR Babes Pole Shop is here to support you with BABE products and pole enthusiasts love! Thank you for being a BABE <3 

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